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EcoWorks is a nonprofit with over thirty years of providing services at the intersection of community development and sustainability. While our roots are firmly planted in energy conservation, we have grown to emphasize all aspects of sustainable development as it relates to building affordable, energy efficient residential housing and commercial buildings. 

Our clients range from low to moderate income households and community organizations. We have a variety of projects to choose from, including Residential Energy Education, Sustainable  Community Planning and Implementation Initiatives, Youth Energy Squad, Job Creation with Deconstruction of Abandoned Buildings.  We are looking for students/volunteers to assist with program implementation, evaluation, marketing and more.


EcoWorks creates opportunities to learn and practice the sustainable use of energy and natural resources through innovative education, job training, consulting, social business and advocacy.


Residential Energy Efficiency Education, Youth Energy Squad, Strategic Community Initiatives, Reclaim Detroit (Deconstruction)


In Building a Sustainable Future for Detroit, Reducing Energy Costs for Residences, Businesses and Government, Helping Michigan with Strategic Community Sustainability Initiatives

Chief Executive

Justin Schott






Educatingforasustainablefuture [AT] gmail [DOT] com

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