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Grounded Strategies


rooted in community. A vacant lot transformed into a garden. A forgotten space reimagined for play. An eyesore now an asset. For more than a decade, we have been helping communities transform themselves. But the biggest changes have come from within. We’re proud to help neighbors take action – providing tools, resources, and connections – so they can create the change that’s best for their community. We’ve taken the notion that change comes from within to heart. And on our 11th birthday, changed our name to better reflect our work and commitment to community. GTECH Strategies is now Grounded Strategies. Grounded in good people, dedicated partners, and smart processes. We don’t change communities. We help them change themselves. By grounding our work in the communities we serve, we help motivated residents create solutions that serve their unique needs and ensure underutilized space serves a greater good. 


We work to strengthen the economic, social, and environmental health of transitional communities by building capacity through collaborative greenspace projects


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Executive Director

Evaine K. Sing, Executive Director






Grounded Strategies

6587 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 1W Pittsburgh, PA 1526

P: 412-361-2099


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