Higher Education Association Sustainability Consortium


The Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium (HEASC) is a network of national and international associations of higher education working together on education and actions for a sustainable future. These organizations share a commitment to advancing sustainability within their constituencies and the entire system of higher education.


Advance sustainability within the constituencies of the member associations and the entire system of higher education.


  • Furthering the campus and the community as a living lab for sustainability. 
  • Increasing the use of energy efficiency and clean energy on campuses and in the larger community. Energy-related initiatives and civic engagement opportunities that improve and enhance campuses and surrounding communities. 
  • More development of curricula and co-curricula for education for sustainable development 
  • Creating a more effective and shared vocabulary to promote the importance of sustainability- defining sustainable development as actions that produce better economic, social, and environmental health (for present and future generations) 
  • Greater collaboration and partnership and greater communication with each other, external stakeholders and constituents about valuable resources. 
  • Impact of Department or Organization
  • More education for sustainable development. 
  • More sustainable development in the US and around the world. 
  • More students prepared to be effective change agents for a sustainable future.

Head of Organization

Debra Rowe, co-founder and facilitator


Focus on higher education in the United States with some international efforts.


All states in the US

Fellows Program

In addition to the listed projects, HEASC has an ongoing Fellows program where pro-bono professionals can volunteer for a minimum of 3 hours per week to help with a variety of HEASC projects.

Contact Information

Debra Rowe
DebraRowe [AT} aya.yale.edu