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We advance sustainability by connecting students and volunteers with practitioners and researchers.


Opportunity for Sustainability Practitioners
This free, nonprofit website from the Higher Education Associations’ Sustainability Consortium will help practitioners within higher education, government, non-profit and business organizations get the students and volunteers they need to help (locally or virtually) with research, implementation, project management, and evaluation. This site will save practitioners many hours that it would normally take to recruit students or volunteers at multiple, cumbersome websites—if they can find them, at all.

Opportunity for Students
At the same time, it provides students with exciting hands-on opportunities to develop their real world problem solving and sustainability skills, enhance their resumes, and make a difference as they work on projects for their thesis, independent study, capstone, course assignments and co-curricular activities.

Head of Organization

Debra Rowe, co-founder and facilitator


Our impact is global.

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Debra Rowe 
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