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Here is an draft of an invitation you can send to nonprofits, universities, and other practitioners who may need students or other volunteers to help with their projects that make a difference.


Dear ___________,

Wouldn't it be nice if you had more people to help you accomplish your initiatives? Undergraduate and graduate students are looking for real world projects for their courses, thesis or independent study. Students can help with planning, research, implementation and evaluation (locally or virtually). Unfortunately, it can take many hours to recruit students at multiple, cumbersome department sites within colleges and universities--if you can find them, at all. There are also many non-student volunteers that want to work on projects. is a no-cost site designed to help you easily find students who can work with you, either in person or virtually. Register your projects to get the help you want.

Thank you very much.


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Here is an draft of an invitation you can send to students who may want to find real-world project opportunities.


Hello Students,

Are you interested in working on real-world projects that make a difference? Looking for a project where you can participate and gain applied knowledge and skills? A new nonprofit website makes it easy to find projects you can use for your senior thesis, capstone, independent study, course project or alternative assignment, as well as volunteer opportunities.

Please see

Thank you very much.


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Include real world projects in your students' education. A new nonprofit site lets you find projects for your students, or you can share the site with students so they can pick a project.  

Projects can be used for a thesis, course assignment, capstone, independent study, internship, or supplemental volunteer opportunity. This will enhance your students' critical thinking and education.  

You can also register your projects / research or your students' projects to find collaborators in other departments and colleges/universities.

Please see

Thank you very much.